We are all on unique journeys in this life so I offer an eclectic therapeutic approach to be able to meet you where you are and support you in shifting to the next level, whatever that means for you.  I have a passion for working with clients with trauma, attachment challenges, adolescent issues, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and GLBTQ, gender questioning or gender nonconforming clients.  I work with the body, mind and spirit in a myriad of ways to assist in your healing and growing process.  Life is an adventure that can certainly throw us extremely difficult circumstances that we then have no other choice but to navigate.  Let me partner with you to help shift challenging experiences into ones of expansion and hope.  I am also here to help you find movement and transformation in life transitions or places where you feel stuck.  I want you to be the biggest version of the unique being that you are.  That is the place that you will find joy and bring joy to those around you.

Because I specialize in various types of trauma work, I have found that I can also supplement other therapy experiences to deepen your healing.  If you already have a therapist or healing practitioner that you connect with but would a) like to add TRE to your daily practice to complement your other healing work, b) need a practitioner to work on a single incident of trauma with EMDR, or c) are in couple's counseling but would like to work on attachment or trauma issues individually that are affecting you relationship, I will honor your other therapeutic processes and will collaborate with your other practitioners to support your highest growth and healing.  


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing- EMDR

EMDR is an evidence-based practice to support the resolution of trauma.  When we experience something as very stressful or traumatic, the memory is stored differently by our brains.  When something triggers that memory, we can often then reexperience the trauma through emotions, body sensations, or images.  EMDR helps to reprocess these memories so they are stored correctly and do not trigger a fight, flight or freeze response when the memories are triggered.  I find EMDR to also be very helpful with general anxiety and depression, as it can help to "unwind" negative belief systems that could be holding the anxiety or depression in place.  I am certified by the EMDR International Association, EMDRIA.  This means that in addition to the basic level trainings that allow me to practice EMDR, I have had over 20 hours of consultation and over 50 hours of individual sessions with at least 25 different clients.  See http://www.emdria.org for more information on this valuable modality.


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy- SP

The body holds its own wisdom and intelligence.  In our cognitive world, we often don't take the time to listen to this wisdom.  Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a somatic approach that supports the body in processing trauma and healing attachment wounding through mindfulness of the body's wisdom.  Often a brilliant modality for those of us that are very cognitive yet find that our patterns stay in place despite our best efforts. https://www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/home/index.html


Tension and Trauma Release Exercises- TRE

TRE was developed by David Bercelli, PhD, a therapist and bodyworker.  It is a set of exercises that trigger the body's intrinsic and natural tension and trauma release mechanism.  Animals in the wild don't develop PTSD or chronic stress patterns because they naturally release tension after a fear response.  We have this ability as well but our more developed brains with executive functioning skills have led to us socializing ourselves out of this natural response.  TRE is a safe and effective way to help our bodies remember this process and release daily stress, muscle tension and even trauma stored in the body.  TRE can support the trauma healing process but is also a tool for anyone to increase quality sleep and lower daily stress.  I offer individual TRE sessions as well as group sessions. Learn more at http://traumaprevention.com.


Equine Therapy

Horses are magical.  They are honest and present.  They respond purposefully always.  I am an EAGALA practitioner and Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy practitioner.  In partnering with a horse, we gain insight into our relationship patterns and learn to be in relationship with others in a way that is healthy for all involved.  Horses also teach us about regulating our emotions to show up in an emotionally safe way for ourselves and others.  To know yourself with a horse is to truly know yourself.


Spiritual Growth

Most of us have had an experience at some point in our lives where we feel there is something greater than ourselves that influences us and our world.  We may call this the Universe, or God, or Love among other names.  For those that feel it would benefit, I would like to partner with you to bring this presence more intentionally into the healing space. I am also a Oneness Blessing Giver and find this blessing to increase the vibration of any work I am doing to make it more powerful and sustaining.  I would be honored to bring this into our sessions if it calls to you.